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May 22nd, 2020

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World Water Day Events – March 22

March 22 is World Water Day. The Water Team presents the Right to Water Film Festival in downtown Vancouver followed by a fundraiser at the Wired Monk Bistro in Kitsilano. Join us at these events on Sunday, March 22.

Rapidly diminishing quality and availability of fresh water is now clearly the number one factor determining our future on this planet.

Incredibly, the right to water (life itself) now hangs in the balance! With two thirds of the US experiencing permanent drought and the tar sands devastation of Alberta’s water,  catastrophic water shortages are close at hand, even here in apparently water-rich British Columbia. Soaring food prices are just one of the early indicators!

As corporate take-over threatens limited water resources around the globe, local initiatives are increasing worldwide by people recognizing the urgent need to protect, sustain and maintain control of their local water supply.

Water is a right of commons. Let’s keep it that way!

Local initiatives for water justice are springing up and urgently needed right here in British Columbia.

Although seemingly abundant, BC’s coveted public water resources are being rapidly and secretly expropriated for corporate and foreign interests. Our current provincial and federal governments are promoting this privatization of our most valuable public assets.

The future well-being of all that lives in our world is dependent upon the health of our watersheds. As Harper and Campbell maneuver to dismantle the Navigable Waters Protection Act which has safeguarded our rivers, lakes and inlets since 1882, we clearly cannot count on current political leaders to act in our best interests.

It is the power of you and I, individual citizens unified in small community groups, that can turn this tide by standing up and speaking out for our water resources.

Learn more about what is happening to your water in British Columbia and what you can do about it.
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