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January 21st, 2023

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White Rock Water Woes

watermatters™ has received many calls from residents of White Rock seeking a solution to their home water quality concerns. White Rock’s tap water situation is quite different from that of Metro Vancouver.

White Rock is facing multiple challenges regarding the quality of its tap water and the governance of its water supply. The community’s tap water will become chlorinated (city-wide) this month, for the first time ever. Elevated levels of manganese and arsenic that occur in White Rock’s water supply are cause for unease. Concerns about these water quality issues and how they might be resolved have been compounded by the impact of the recent, very unfortunate fire in White Rock and ensuing boil water advisory.

It remains to be seen how/when the City of White Rock remediates these manganese and arsenic issues. Meanwhile there is the possibility (not favoured by the mayor of White Rock) to switch the community water source from the Sunnyside Uplands aquifer (the origin of the manganese and arsenic) to water supplied by Metro Vancouver from the North Shore mountains.

watermatters™ believes that recommendations should account for the immediate situation regarding elevated levels of manganese and arsenic as well as taking into consideration the fact that system-wide treatment upgrades may be implemented for arsenic and/or manganese remediation within the next few years. That White Rock might switch to Metro Vancouver for its water supply also remains open as a possibility. Any of these eventualities would remediate some water quality issues at the City level, thus affecting water treatment requirements for your home in the future.

watermatters™ objective is to provide immediate, effective and affordable home water treatment solutions specifically to meet the needs of concerned White Rock residents. We are striving to take these municipal level uncertainties into consideration so that, down the road, residents are not stuck with an inappropriate, and unnecessarily expensive, home water treatment system.