Important Notice to Berkey Customers

January 21st, 2023

If you have purchased Black Berkey replacement elements from Watermatters™ since August 2021 that you have stored for future use, or if your elements are in use and ... More »

When Should I Change My Water Filter Cartridges?

If you have subscribed to WaterMatters’ automated email reminder service for a heads up about when to change your CB Tech, Water Guardian or 3-stage drinking water filter cartridge(s), notification will now come at 9 month intervals (instead of 6 month intervals). For Berkey┬« systems used with chlorinated water, notifications will now come at 18 month intervals.

WaterMatters has lengthened the recommended intervals between cartridge change-outs due to long awaited improvements to our tap water recently completed by Metro Vancouver.

Sediment levels have been significantly minimized due to water treatment infrastructure upgrades. Consequently WaterMatters is lengthening the recommended intervals between water filter cartridge change-outs for the drinking water filters.

Please note that there are many factors that influence the longevity of a good water filter cartridge. Neighbourhood construction, water main flushing, unforeseen debris in the water lines of your home/building and biofilm are among the many possible factors that can cause early clogging of your water filter.

Moreover, some health hazards present in our tap water occur in the form of liquids and gasses. These do not clog a filter and may present no visible discoloration on the surface of the filter cartridge. These chemicals are adsorbed onto the interior surfaces of the (carbon) cartridge. Consequently there may be no visible indicator that your cartridge has exceeded its capacity to scavenge these contaminants.

over used cartridge comparison cropped2 copyIt is very important to maintain your water filter with regular cartridge change-outs. A water filter cartridge used beyond its ability to intercept or retain contaminants can be a health hazard. For example, see the water filter cartridge displayed on the right in the photo.