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January 21st, 2023

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What is Blue October?

On October 31, 2004, the people of Uruguay voted to amend their constitution to recognize water as a public good and an inalienable right. Their Constitution now guarantees that piped water and sanitation be available to all Uruguayans, and it bans for-profit corporations from supplying this public good.

Blue October celebrates this historic move by challenging corporate control of water through global action!

Today, one in 6 people lack access to safe, affordable water, and 2 in 5 lack access to adequate sanitation. The United Nations expects these numbers to rise–unless we act now.

Amid this crisis, some of the world’s wealthiest corporations–like Suez and Coca-Cola–are looking to profit, often at the expense of the poor. A vibrant international movement is challenging the corporate control of this precious resource, and protecting water as a public good and an inalienable right.

Blue October is an international month of action to challenge corporate control of water and to protect water as a shared natural resource available to all.

Blueoctobercampaign.org provides information about events happening all over the world in October 2007.