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May 22nd, 2020

watermatters is now located at 3622 W. 4th Ave in Vancouver, BC.

Watersheds & Water Governance

Cypress-Mountain-Aug-2011-030-copy-243x301A watershed is an area of land sustained and defined by the course of waterways that move through it….a sensitive relationship that is crucial to the well-being of all local species. However a healthy watershed also has important regional significance by contributing essential resources which migrate to neighbouring areas. Moisture naturally transpires from water-rich areas.  Protecting and respecting this natural process as it occurs within watersheds is at the heart of good water governance.

Healthy watersheds are the key to intelligent environmental management. The proceedings from a three day forum for water practitioners, watershed groups, First Nations and other decision-makers held in Duncan BC are now available….
Watersheds 2014: Towards Watershed Governance in British Columbia and Beyond
Portions of this event can be seen on YouTube posted by the POLIS Water Sustainability Project.

The POLIS Water Sustainability Project co-organized Watersheds 2014.

The POLIS Project continues to lead us in areas of ecological governance with inspirational direction for watershed protection. The POLIS Project is located in Victoria BC,