Watermatters has terminated business with Berkey Water Systems

March 14th, 2023

Watermatters has been selling Berkeys since 2010. Berkey systems have been well loved by our customers for years. It is now time to end our relationship with Berkey due to ongoing ... More »

Water Guardians

Save Our Rivers Society – Water and Hydro in British Columbia

“Save Our Rivers Society was founded to protect BC rivers from private hydropower contracts and for our future generations.

Climate change has everything to do with our rivers and newly invented private power projects. Please join with us to regain public control and oversight over our electric energy assets and our rivers which are being swept away from us. Secret private contracts resulting in foreign control over BC’s most important river environments, precious water and water power must be exposed and reversed.
Visit Hydro Facts for more details.”

Wilderness Committee

The Wilderness Committee is a registered non-profit society with charitable status. Founded in 1980,  it is Canada’s largest membership-based, citizen-funded wilderness protection group with head office in Vancouver and field offices in Victoria, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto.

The Committee has an uncompromising commitment to the environment and wildlife. Its staff are forthright, friendly, passionate, politically savvy, committed, funny, and great to work with. It provides constructive opportunities to get directly involved in a wide range of activities, campaigns, and issues for the benefit of the environment and wildlife.

Ecojustice Canada

The drinking water tragedy in Walkerton, Ontario in May 2000 has brought water issues to the forefront of public discussion in Canada. It highlighted the grave importance of protecting our water resources and the need for strong legislation to protect human health and the environment. Ecojustice Canada is ensuring that our streams, rivers and oceans are protected for future generations.

The Water Team

The Water Team enables the construction of desperately needed village water wells in Africa. This inspiring volunteer project was started by Vancouver’s Severin and Susan Hoch in 1992 when their Zinbabwe foster child wrote and told them about deaths caused by drought in her village. Severin and Susan arranged for a well to be drilled. The resulting transformation in the lives of the villagers inspired them to invite more people to make possible the building of more water wells – the Water Team was born.

Over the last three years the team has grown to 63 people. In 2008 alone, ten water wells were built in Liberia and Nigeria. The Water Team works with Lifewater Canada, also staffed completely by volunteers, ensuring minimum overhead and maximum funds going directly to building the water wells. The Water Team has a youth chapter with a 6 year old team leader! It’s projects are popular with Canadian schools and youth groups who want to be involved with an overseas water-related initiative.

For more information contact the Water Team at:

Send donations to:
The Water Team
#250-4438 W. 10th Avenue
Vancouver BC
V6R 4R8