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January 21st, 2023

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Water for Haiti – Deadline for a Lifeline

Tomorrow, Friday February 12, is the last day the Canadian government will match your donation for Haiti – dollar for dollar.

If you want to maximize the impact of your donation, then today or tomorrow (no later) are the days to act. Your money will build desperately needed wells – immediately – if you donate via The Water Team. This is a Vancouver-based volunteer effort (working with Lifewater) that has already successfully completed 14 desperately needed wells in Haiti since the devastating January 12 earthquake.

The Water Team has already raised and successfully utilized over $43,000 to complete these 14 wells (see photos). However, many more wells are needed – fast!

Survivors are leaving Port-au-Prince and moving north to Cape Haitian at a rate of 5000 refugees/day. Desperate
for clean water, the Haitian people are pleading for more water wells to be drilled as quickly as possible.

Haiti’s need for clean water is critical and HUGE.
Labour is volunteer but funds are needed for equipment.

Your donation, made no later than Friday Feb 12, will be doubled by the Canadian government.

To donate online go to CanadaHelps
1.    Where it says ‘Search for a Charity’,write in ‘Lifewater Canada’. Click ‘Go’.
2.    Then just follow the prompts.
3.    At the end where it says ‘Remarks’ write in “I am a member of The Water Team and I want my donation to go to Haitian relief”.  This is important – the Canadian government requires that donations must be designated for Haiti before it will double them.
4.    Once you have donated, please advice Susan Hoch at The Water Team (see below) of the amount so that the
correct arrangement s are made for the Canadian government to match your donation.

Read more about The Water Team or contact them directly…

Susan and Severin Hoch
Volunteer Directors
The Water Team
#250-4438 W 10th Ave
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6R 4R8