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January 21st, 2023

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Water Footprints – Changing the water/energy connection

Conventional technologies use water to create energy and energy to move water.

Hydro-electric power is harnessed in British Columbia by the sheer volume and force of water from our mountainous watersheds. Most of the world, however, is not blessed with our rain forests and snow-packed mountains. They use power plants that boil water – lots of it!! Water is turned to steam, which drives turbines, which run generators, which create electricity.

Oil, coal, nuclear and large solar thermal power plants also require cooling – with water!

Depending on the location, no less than one to eighteen gallons of water are needed to deliver one kilowatt hour of power. That’s enough to run an air conditioner for one hour. Producing the energy required to run a laptop requires, on average, about 200 gallons of water a year.

In California, 49 percent of all water withdrawn in the state is used for energy. In turn, about 20 percent of California’s energy consumption is used to redistribute water. No wonder Schwarzenegger likes coming up here…!

Much of this water is returned to rivers or the ocean but not before killing billions of fish and wildlife every year. A huge amount simply evaporates and is lost from the dwindling fresh water supply when it precipitates into the ocean.

Closer to home, billions of gallons of water are being used to extract oil – an archaic method of fuel – from Alberta’s tar sands resulting in the most devastating ecological disaster on our planet.

Bio-fuels also take a tremendous toll, requiring vast amounts of land, toxic chemicals and water to produce.

As we wake up to the consequences of having depended upon these technologies, it is hardly reasonable to expect large corporations like General Electric, that engage in energy production and the exploitation of water resources, to be the drivers of the new consciousness and restorative mechanisms that will be needed to bail us out of our predicament.

New minds are emerging with new science that is superseding the standard models of physics and replacing old energy technologies.

Non-consuming, non-invasive and inexpensive energy alternatives exist and need our support to be developed and utilized.

Individually and collectively, which water-energy consuming habits are we willing to change? Are we ready to be leaders, caretakers for the well-being of our world?

Clearly it will be each of us re-connecting, re-sensitizing our daily touch upon our world that will shift the collective awareness into the healing mode that our planet and human family so desperately need.