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Water as Consciousness

It is fascinating to consider that the reason your brain is 95% water is because water is the ultimate receiver and carrier of information. A single drop of water can store many terabytes* of information. This suggests that the watery content of your brain makes it a far more powerful information processor than any computer. This thought inspires drinking more water!

Water has memory

Even more fascinating are increasing new revelations that water is the medium of consciousness.

Evidence suggests that the malleable structure of water is far more significant than our preoccupation with its chemistry. The geometric clustering of water molecules are altered by the subtlest of influences. Hundreds of thousands of information panels constitute these geometric structures. They register energetic imprints from substances, activities and the frequency of thought to which water has been exposed. This attribute is sometimes referred to as the ‘memory’ of water.

A remarkable film called Water – the Great Mystery  interviews world class scientists about these fascinating properties of water, one of whom refers to its impressionable structure as the ‘alphabet’ of water.

Human emotions change water

Evidence shows that any substance that contacts water leaves a trace upon it. However, human emotions are the strongest influence. Water constitutes, migrates and interpenetrates everything. All is connected by water. We can change our world, via water, by the conscious use of thought and feeling.

Our ancient traditions of using ‘holy’ water spring from this knowledge. The frequency of prayer corrects the water already inside the body. Water is the information carrier that changes the blood, tissues and reflects the very character of human consciousness.

The Earth, our planetary body, is a giant container of water. It, too, responds to the quality of our thoughts and feelings. Love increases the frequency that imprints upon water.

Primordial intelligence

Interestingly, it is water we seek to determine the presence of life (consciousness!) on other planets. Water brings a pre-existing impulse to life. It creates the structure of DNA and proteins. Every seed and embryo begins in water, the carrier of the biological intelligence that is the determiner and means of change.

Dr. Emoto’s water crystals

Water’s response to human thought have been popularly demonstrated by Dr. Masaru Emoto’s frozen water crystals. These crystals reveal how water structures itself according to the imprint of human thought and activity. Beautiful symmetry occurs when water is exposed to loving and uplifting influence.

Russian physicist demonstrates the influence of human thought on water

Russian physicist, Konstantin Korotkov, has developed a technique using ‘bioelectography’ that can register light emmissions from living things, including water. His instruments ‘see’ biophotons which indicate the health and vitality of the subject from which they emanate, whether it be a human or a drop of water. Korotkov’s studies also show that subtle changes of intention alter the strength and quality of light emissions from humans and water.

Collective intention experiment for water on March 22

Author, Lynne McTaggart, has organised a group of scientists for The Intention Experiment, a series of experiments demonstrating the transformative power of collective intention.

All three of the above researchers are convening at Lake Biwa in Japan on March 22, 2010 (World Water Day) for a Clean Water Experiment.

Our love and gratitude can transform water – our bodies, our minds, our planet.

*A unit of computer memory or data storage capacity equal to 1,024 gigabytes