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Thousands pledge to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOTTLE

A broad range of national and local organizations, cities, celebrities, student groups and communities of faith in Canada and United States launched the THINK OUTSIDE THE BOTTLE PLEDGE, October 10th, calling on people to choose public tap over bottled water.

The Pledge supports the efforts of local officials to invest and build confidence in public water systems.

The explosive growth of the bottled water industry, fueled by misleading advertising, has contributed to a loss of confidence in public water systems. However, scientific studies have shown that bottled water is on average no safer than tap water, and may sometimes be less safe, containing elevated levels of arsenic, bacteria and other contaminants. What’s more, up to 40 percent of bottled water comes from the same source as tap water but costs so much more.

Bottled water also takes a toll on the environment and on city budgets. Furthermore, making bottles to meet demand for bottled water required the equivalent millions of barrels of oil and generate tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Take the pledge.

Think Outside the Bottle

Support for OUTSIDE THE BOTTLE Pledge

“Water is a public trust, it belongs to everyone. But global water corporations are seeking to cash in on this precious resource. People around the world are rejecting the idea that water can be a commodity, including by thinking outside the bottle.” Maude Barlow, National Chairperson, Council of Canadians.

“Today, it is clear the role of bottled water, and the bottled water industry, must be brought under the public policy microscope. Our Inside the Bottle campaign aims to transform awareness into action, to curb the bottled water trend and to support public water systems” Zoe Maggio, Polaris, Ottawa

“Bottled water corporations are changing the way that we think about water. We’re changing it back. Today, thousands of people and dozens of organizations are launching the Think Outside the Bottle Pledge. People are standing up to support the efforts of local officials who prioritize strong public water systems over bottled water profits. They are standing up to choose the tap over the bottle.” Gigi Kellett, Corporate Accountability International

“Climate recovery hinges on many things, including public rejection of false solutions of privatization of water services and the commodification of water itself.” Vicki Lee, Chair of the Corporate Accountability Committee, Sierra Club