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The Benefits of Hydrogen-Rich Water

Hydrogen is the fundamental substance of life. As its name suggests, hydro-gen generates the existence of water. Of all the known elements in the universe it is the smallest, lightest and most abundant. Hydrogen is essential to the processes that enable life and is present in nearly every molecule in the human body.

Hydrogen is a very elusive gas. It attaches to other atoms resulting in compounds (such as H2O) which living systems can split apart to access hydrogen. For instance, this basic chemical reaction in the human body, which regulates our internal pH levels, yields hydrogen:
CO2 + H2O ⇆ H2CO3 ⇆ HCO3 + H+
Systems weakened by disease or age are less able to split molecules to access hydrogen needed for optimal life.

A molecule of hydrogen is formed when two hydrogen atoms combine. We call this molecular hydrogen or H2.

Since 2007, hundreds of scientific and medical studies have be published about the therapeutic benefits of ingesting H2. Molecular hydrogen is an extraordinary antioxidant which (unlike other antioxidants) selectively reduces the harmful cytotoxic oxygen radicals that occur in our body without wiping out beneficial free radicals. Ingesting molecular hydrogen does not disturb the homeostasis of the body. Medications interfere with this natural balance as do other types of antioxidants which become free radicals once they have reacted in the body. The only by-product of H2’s reaction is H2O.

Molecular hydrogen appears to signal corrective modulating effects within the body. Because it is so fine, H2 can access the interior of cells where it may protect genetic material from oxidative stress and activate antioxidant enzymes.

H2-infused water improves hydration, up to 6x better than regular water. Based on over 400 scientific studies, here are some of the conditions for which there may be a beneficial effect from drinking water infused with molecular hydrogen:
fatigue, pain, inflammation, allergies, cognitive function, metabolic syndrome, obesity, cardiovascular health, gastrointestinal health, liver detoxification, immunity, sports endurance, injury recovery, mood, nutrient absorption

Scientific Studies
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