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May 22nd, 2020

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Nature’s Engineering is Simply Quiet

As humanity appears to be catapulting itself toward catastrophe and extinction, a heightened sensitivity to the interconnectedness of all life on planet Earth is emerging. The carbon based technologies that we have developed to master our environment have created a Frankenstein in the form of global warming that is burgeoning beyond our control.

Nature will prove to be more powerful than man. It is not the planet that is in danger of extinction. Life will survive on planet Earth; life with or without humans, and a lot of other species we are bringing down with us, is the question.

Nature’s engineering is quietly creative and supportive of life systems. Instead of emulating these qualities, the dominant human technologies have employed means and devices that are depleting and consumptively forceful.

Attention is now turning to alternative technologies, many of which have been known for a long time but have been shunted aside or deliberately overshadowed in favour of established science and powerful economic forces. These unconventional approaches are often simple, quiet and even invisible yet more powerful than the noisy, heat-generating and frictional systems that have been fostered by mainstream science and industry.

Viktor Schauberger and Nikola Tesla are two outstanding examples of inventors who were deeply attuned to nature’s principles and who bequeathed us with remarkable technologies which, hopefully, we are now more ready to embrace.

This section will be developed to broadcast some remarkable, alternative solutions that involve water.

It will also enquire into the very nature of water, synonymous with life itself.