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January 21st, 2023

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Study Spotlights THMs in Bottled Water

A newly released U.S. study has just confirmed that contaminants often found in tap water are also present in some leading brands of bottled water.

Thirty-eight contaminants including bacteria, caffeine, pharmaceuticals, fertilizer, solvents, chemicals for making plastics and a radioactive element (strontium) were found in tests on 10 top of bottled water brands.

Triahalomethanes (or THMs), also known as chlorinated by-products, are chemical compounds that result from adding chlorine to water.

These compounds are know to be carcinogenic. They were found in the Sam’s Choice brand sold by Wal-Mart at levels exceeding California’s standard for safe drinking water.

The variation in standards for THMs reveals the uncertainty in the scientific and political communities of safety thresholds for chemical compounds. Typically, industry interests assert high safety levels while new research finds catastrophic health effects at minute levels of exposure.

California has admirably stringent drinking water standards and sets its limit for THMs at 10 parts per billion or less. By contrast, the US federal limit for THMs is 80 parts per billion.

Health Canada sets our maximum acceptable concentration for trihalomethanes (THMs) in drinking water at 100 parts per billion!