watermatters has moved!

May 22nd, 2020

watermatters is now located at 3622 W. 4th Ave in Vancouver, BC.

Sigg Confesses. Klean Kanteens Rule!

Sigg now admits that some of its bottles contain trace amounts of bisphenol A (BPA). Sigg bottles are aluminum with an interior lining. The manufacturer has issued a public apology for Sigg bottles sold before August 2008 following an admission they have water-based epoxy liners containing trace amounts of BPA.

Klean Kanteens remain the best choice of metal water bottle – great design, unlined, BPA-free, and made of food grade stainless steel.

watermatters sells 12, 18, 27 and 40 oz Klean Kanteen bottles, in a choice of colours and interchangable lid styles. 604-733-7888