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May 22nd, 2020

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Scram General Electric – Hands Off BC’s Water

Ready to terminate politically-backed corporate theft? Your voice can stop General Electric and Plutonic Power from devastating a massive area of coastal British Columbia.

Take a moment to look at the proposed Bute Inlet private power project – biggest ever in Canada at $4 billion and it’s in your back yard!

With the support of Gordon Campbell’s ‘government’, this unnecessary project would privatize and irreversibly damage huge areas of our wild and publicly owned waterways with 17 dams, 440 km of power lines, 250 km of roads and 100 bridges at significant cost to all species living in British Columbia! General Electric would get 60% controlling interest!!  See details.

The provincial ‘government’ is seriously considering ordering BC Hydro to sign a long-term power purchase agreement with General Electric and their partners worth billions of dollars – before an environmental assessment has even been completed!

Are we going to let this happen?!

In 2009, by speaking up, people in British Columbia successfully halted several major river privatization projects (Upper Pitt River, Glacier and Howser Creeks, Blaeberry River, Fries Creek) in their tracks. Let’s do it again in 2010!

Send an email to Premier Campbell demanding a stop to the Bute Inlet Private Power Project being pushed by General Electric and its partners. It’s easy and quick if you go here.

***Power to the people! Special thanks to Save Our Rivers and the Wilderness Committee.