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Salmon Spawn in City Creek: First Time Back in 80 Years

Spawning salmon return to Still Creek in Vancouver

Word is spreading this week (Nov 15, 2012) that, for the first time in 70 – 80 years, spawning salmon have been spotted frolicking in one of Vancouver’s only three remaining creeks.

How wonderful that the salmon are returning, and that we humans are now moved by this kind of news! Our values and actions are definitely shifting to support the natural environment which sustains us.

Still Creek, which flows from Burnaby to Vancouver, was once the most polluted waterway in British Columbia. Due to extensive efforts by many concerned groups and individuals, this precious waterway has been cleaned up and is slowly coming back to life.

Spawning Chum salmon have been seen in Still Creek beside the Cornett Rd/Natal St intersection in Vancouver this week.

Much credit is due to the tireless work of Mark Angelo and the Rivers Institute at BCIT, true champions of fish habitats and the wild fresh waterways of British Columbia.

Some other groups working on stream daylighting and creek restoration in Metro Vancouver are…