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Sacred Geometry Comes of Age with BioGeometry

Sacred Geometry refers to universal patterns used in the design of sacred architecture and sacred art. Its roots are in ancient temple sciences and esoteric practices most of which have long since been deliberately obscured from the public domain.

Although popular in spiritual circles today, most information about sacred geometry is abstract and shrouded in mystery. There is little insight available into its original practical applications.

BioGeometry unites ancient Egyptian energy science with modern tools for fulfilling contemporary needs. It embraces holistic and practical intelligence and applies lost secrets of Sacred Geometry to elevate modern living.

BioGeometry is the design language of energy & shape

BioGeometry is a design language which interprets and utilizes the functional relationship between energy and shape to restore balance and harmony to our internal and external environments. There is no activity, object or being that cannot benefit from the elevating qualities enabled by BioGeometry.

Several decades of research have been carried out by BioGeometry’s founder, Dr. Ibrahim Karim, in conjunction with professionals in the fields of medical and natural science.

An architect by profession, Dr. Karim is in demand internationally for consultation work applying BioGeometry principles to buildings and design, including industrial and furniture design.

Pyramids and hemispheres need little-known corrections

pyramid1Pyramids and hemispheres are energy emitters that focus a penetrating carrier wave called Negative Green which gives these shapes strong communication properties that facilitate prayer and spiritual communion. However it is important to note that Negative Green has two distinctive wave properties – horizontal and vertical. Horizontal Negative Green has a beneficial influence on living systems. Vertical Negative Green has a preserving influence (as employed for mummification in the pyramids of Ancient Egypt). Prolonged exposure to this vertical aspect is detrimental to dome16living systems. Simple modifications, known to the ancients, nullify this harmful influence. For instance, the Great Pyramid has a one degree indentation along each side of its base canceling out the detrimental effect of Vertical Negative Green.

Similarly the harmful aspects of Vertical Negative Green generated by domes on cathedrals were corrected by masons when they added the spire or cross on top of the dome (hemisphere) or by specific adjustments (such as 16 windows) made around the base of the dome.

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