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Radiesthesia & Resonance

Radiesthesia means sensitivity to radiation. A sea of energy constitutes our existence, very little of which is detectable by our five senses. Radiesthesia uses specially designed instruments to detect and measure subtle vibrational dynamics that affect our internal and external environments.

Dowsing versus Physical Radiesthesia

Dowsing is a form of radiesthesia with which most people are somewhat familiar. Dowsing involves subconscious communication via a pendulum or vibrational detection instrument. This is Mental Radiesthesia.

Although there are similarities, it is important to note that ‘dowsing’ or mental radiesthesia is NOT the same as Physical Radiesthesia employed for BioGeometry.

More than what meets the eye.

Matter and the observable universe emerge from unperceived dimensions, the quantum field. Energetic fields are the substrate of matter, each field conveying a specific vibratory signature with unique qualities.

We can speak instantly with someone on the other side of this planet via cellphone but cannot see the carrier waves that enable this communication. Life is constituted by these energetic fields and yet typical human senses are too limited to detect them. Animals often demonstrate sensory abilities alerting us to phenomena beyond normal human perception.

Resonance & Attention

We can tune into existence at many levels – physical, emotional, mental, psychic, spiritual. Our focus, when carried away by music or a great movie (emotional), is different from where our attention is directed when writing a final exam (mental), scaling a dangerous mountain cliff (physical) or deep meditative prayer (spiritual).

Each of these types of experience are vibrationally distinct states. Measurable qualities can be determined for each unique experience, and for that matter, for any idea, being or object. (Dr. David Hawkins, Power vs. Force).

Physical radiesthesia works with sensitive instruments based on qualitative measurements. These qualitative measurements can be translated into a quantitative scale just as a musical note (quality) corresponds with the length of the string (quantity) that generates that particular note.

BioGeometry: a modern science of Qualities

This ability to measure qualities is the signature focus of BioGeometry. This new energy science gives us exciting access to information about how our internal and external world is affecting us. It also enables much needed corrections to our internal and external environment which left-brain mainstream science, based solely on quantitative information, fails to deliver.

Registering unseen realities

Our personal organism is a complex of energetic fields centred around an amazingly sophisticated generator and antenna called our spinal cord to which all our sensory systems are linked.

scalar wavesWhen two energy fields come into proximity, they modify the vibrational properties of each other. To some extent we can sense this, such as feeling someone staring at us when our back is turned to them. However, being without tools for measuring these unseen energy fields that impact us is a bit like driving a car without a speedometer or gas gauge, especially in today’s world with an ever-increasing bombardment of artificial technological frequencies.

Physical Radiesthesia is our means to take these measurements. Our own body is the main instrument.
We are measuring the quality of the interaction between our own field and the object or energy field with which we are in a vibrational relationship or proximity. This interaction is called resonance.

Selective resonance

BioGeometry has developed specialized devices that are calibrated to locate, detect and emit very specific qualities. They do this through selective resonance. This distinctive resonance is analogous to the coherent and highly focused beam of laser light that works with a highly selective focus compared to the diffused and incoherent light of an ordinary lamp.

Two interacting energy systems will resonate at the frequency of the more powerful energy source. Positive change can be effected when coherent, life-supporting frequencies strengthen and correct existing oscillations.

Resonant communication through colours, shapes, angles, numbers and sound

BioGeometry measurements show that vibrational energies have the characteristic of repeating themselves through resonance at multiple octaves without losing the essence of the originating vibrational quality. This coherent and communicative resonance can be deliberately cultivated with colours, shapes, angles, motions and numbers as well as sound.

Ancient science modernized

Abbe Mermet

Abbe Mermet

Radiesthesia is an ancient science that gives us access to the unseen realms of our inner and outer worlds. Best known for locating water and lost objects, radiesthesia was also used extensively by ancient Egyptians, Jesuit missionaries, Free Masons, Wilhelm Reich (for developing Radionics), Christopher Hills (Supersensonics), Drbal (Psychotronics), German military during WWl & ll and US military in Vietnam (for locating landmines). Abbé Mermet, a French Jesuit priest is most famous for applying radiesthesia for discovering water sources. As is possible with BioGeometry, he could remotely determine the depth, speed and direction of flow, volume, clarity and quality of a water course.

The term radiesthesia is an English compound of radio (referring to radiation) and  aesthesia  (meaning “perception by the senses”).

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