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January 21st, 2023

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Radiation Risk in BC

A recent report indicates that small amounts of radiation
from the Fukushima reactors have reached the Vancouver

BC’s Provincial Health Officer says the levels are currently
too low to cause risk to human health. Updates will be posted
at the BC Centre for Disease Control.

He also recommends that we be reminded by this tragedy
in Japan to ensure that we are prepared should a similar
emergency occur here in B.C.

STORE WATER. It’s is a priority for emergencies.

Updated December 22nd, 2015: Health Canada has just released (Dec 2015) a Summary Report on Fukushima Accident Contaminants in Canada (link to Health Canada, PDF available on page) and a technical report Special Environmental Radiation in Canada Report on Fukushima Accident Contaminants (links to PDF hosted by Fukushima InForm. For additional copies see instructions on Health Canada’s Summary Report page). Fukushima InForm has commented as follows (Dec 21st, 2015) regarding this report:

The Impact of the Fukushima on Canada: Health Canada Reports