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January 21st, 2023

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Q-Cup Portable Hydrogen Water Ionizer

The Q-Cup is a portable H2 water ionizer that infuses high concentrations (800-1200 ppb) of dissolved hydrogen into water within minutes. Its antioxidant generating and hydrogen production capabilities are superior to bulky and expensive ‘alkaline’ water ionizers.

The Q-Cup produces hydrogen-rich drinking water by using the latest SPE/PEM membrane technology. *
This enables the complete separation of hydrogen and oxygen, an important health benefit that cheaper portable H2 generators cannot achieve.

Unlike old-style water ionizers which simultaneously raise the pH of water while lowering ORP (oxidation/reduction potential), the Q-Cup does not adjust the pH of water. Contrary to generally held misconceptions, drinking water of a highly elevated pH is no longer recommended by newer science.

Hydrogen is the fuel of life. It is also the smallest, lightest known element …a tiny, elusive gas that penetrates glass and steel. H2 infused into water can bring benefits to the deepest tissues of your body however
it is difficult to contain in a bottle. Hydrogen-rich water should be consumed soon after being produced.

The Q-Cup is as compact as a water bottle and so lightweight that you can easily take it with you to make antioxidant- and hydrogen-rich water throughout your day.

The Q-Cup comes with handy adapters to connect different types of bottles directly onto the Q-Cup base. This means you can leave the Q-Cup flask behind and infuse hydrogen directly into the water bottle of your choice.

By reversing polarity, the Q-Cup provides the option to produce sanitizing, ozone-rich water for disinfectant purposes (handy for travel & emergencies). This function keeps the electrodes clean and in good working order.

The Q-Cup contains a rechargeable lithium polymer battery that enables up to 20 fill-ups per charge. It comes with a charging cable that adapts to a USB port or electrical outlet.The Q-Cup is not a water filter. Use it with contaminant-free water only.

The Q-Cup will successfully infuse hydrogen into distilled water however higher levels of molecular hydrogen will be generated when used with mineral-rich drinking water.

Do not use the Q-Cup with carbonated water, gaseous liquids, tea, juices or liquids other than contaminant-free drinking water.

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* Water ionizers use a membrane to separate the H from OH ions derived from H2O.
SPE = Solid Polymer Electrolyte
PEM = Proton Exchange Membrane