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January 21st, 2023

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Public Forum in Vancouver, November 19

Waiting for Fear and Hunger Will Be Too Late

The U.S. won’t have to come and take B.C.’s water, energy and billion dollar public assets. We’re giving it to them!

The unfathomable loss of control of British Columbia’s enormously valuable water and energy resources is quietly passing the point of no return without your knowledge.

Our rivers, our coveted water and wind generating sites, the land and the billion dollar revenue associated with these sites is being taken from British Columbians to be lost FOREVER into the hands of private and foreign interests.

Unless stopped immediately, you and I will lose…

The consequences to you and me will be…

Public consultation deliberately bypassed

This travesty is being secretly, deliberately and quickly perpetrated by our provincial government without public debate or consultation.

Massive and immediate action is urgently needed from individuals and communities throughout B.C. to confront and reverse this situation.

Please add your voice and initiative.

Public Forum

Monday, November 19

To help you find out more information about the environmental, social and economic consequences there will be a discussion forum Nov. 19th at the Britannia Community Centre.

Speakers include Tom Rankin (Save Our Rivers Society), Gwen Barlee (Western Wilderness Committee) and Betty Krawzcyk.

Time: 7pm – 9pm, Monday Nov. 19th
Cost: Free
Where: Britannia Centre , 1661 Napier (just off Commercial Drive)