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Hydrogen-Rich Water – ‘Rejuvenation’ H2 Tabs

  • 65 CAD

    HRW H2 Tabs                                                NPN80069868

    Make Hydrogen-Rich Water
    ‘Rejuvenation’ H2 tablets instantly dissolve abundant quantities of molecular hydrogen into your drinking water.

    Millions of tiny hydrogen bubbles result in hydrogen-rich water infused with the most extraordinary anti-oxidant that nature has to offer.

    What is Molecular Hydrogen?
    Hydrogen is the power source of life and the mother of water itself. Two atoms of hydrogen combine to form hydrogen gas, H2, the smallest and most bioavailable molecule in the universe. H2 can go where nothing else can, diffusing beneficial qualities deep into your cells and mitochondria.

    What Does Molecular Hydrogen Do For you?
    More than 350 scientific articles published in reputable scientific and medical journals indicate that molecular hydrogen appears to exert therapeutic and preventative effects in relation to dozens of disease conditions.

    • H₂ protects DNA, RNA and proteins by converting the most harmful free radicals to water.
    • H₂ activates an increase in the body’s own antioxidants such as glutathione and superoxide dismutase.
    • H₂ has anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity, anti-aging and anti-allergy effects due to its beneficial impact on cell signaling, cell metabolism, and gene expression.

    Molecular Hydrogen for Athletic Performance
    H2 penetrates into the innermost reaches of cellular tissue promoting energy and mitochondrial production of ATP.
    Its unique antioxidant properties support rapid recovery, decreased lactic acid production and increased endurance. Hydrogen-rich water is proving itself in every aspect of sport training and performance.

    1 Bottle = 60 Tabs
    Recommended Dose: Three tablets per day.
    Tablet Ingredients: Magnesium, magnesium malate, lactose*, malic acid, sodium stearyl fumarate.

‘Rejuvenation’ H2 Tabs – Instructions for Use

Use with filtered or purified water that is low in mineral content. Do not use carbonated water.
Do not swallow tablet.

Drop one tablet in a plastic bottle (335-600ml/11-20 oz) with a narrow mouth and tight-ftting lid.
Fill the bottle filled to the brim with clean, water. Cold water produces best.
Drop H2 tab(s) into the bottle and immediately close the lid tightly.

Wait 5 to 10 minutes. Shake the bottle vigorously, and especially before opening.
Drink the hydrogen infused water all at once.

Storage & Precautions
Store in a cool, dry place.
Do not swallow tablet.
Keep out of children’s reach.
Avoid direct contact of tablet or tablet residue with eyes (flush with water if necessary).
Pregnant and nursing women should consult with their health practitioner before using.


Why can’t we get H2 from H2O?
H2O has bound hydrogen whereas H2 gas is available molecular hydrogen ready to go to work inside your body.

Will H2 make my water taste different?
It will taste smooth and light and slightly different the first time you try it.

Why is it important to fill my container completely (leaving no space) when I make H2?
Molecular hydrogen (H2) is a gas that wants to escape. Instead, we want to force the hydrogen gas into the water so that we can drink it in as high a concentration as possible. Best to fill your bottle to overflowing, drop in your tablet and put the lid on tightly right away.

What is the best bottle for making hydrogen-rich water with Rejuvenation H2 tabs?
A small plastic bottle (335-600ml/11-20 oz) with a narrow, airtight lid works well.
A small steel bottle is a better choice if you plan to wait more than 15 minutes before opening your bottle to drink the hydrogen-rich water because the metal will better contain the molecular hydrogen.
Bottles made for carbonated drinks are ideal.

Why should I drink all of the prepared H2 water as soon as I open the bottle it is prepared in?
H2 will escape into any air space inside or outside your bottle. By drinking the hydrogen-rich water immediately upon opening your bottle, you get the benefits of the H2 inside your body instead of letting it escape into the atmosphere.

How many ‘Rejuvenation’ H2 tabs should I use daily?
There is limited evidence to suggest the best dosing protocols of molecular hydrogen, however experience indicates a minimum of 1-2 tablets ‘Rejuvenation’ tabs per day. Very active people may use 5-6 tabs per day. Many people find greatest effect by consuming 4 tablets (or 4 bottles of hydrogen-rich water per day) for the first 30 days, and then if you choose, reduce the dosage to 2 per day.

Can I wait longer than 10 minutes when preparing my Rejuvenation H2 water?
Yes, absolutely. In fact, the longer you wait the higher the total amount of H2 in your water!(Up to around 12 hours) we have found depending on the container)
Just make sure to drink your water relatively quickly after opening. Even if you don’t want to wait longer than 20 minutes, the reaction will finish in the stomach affording you with the rest of the H2 benefits.

Can I add another benerage to the water I use to prepare hydrogen-rich water?
You can add a lemon or lime juice to your water to speed up the reaction. Doing so will help produce more H2.

Why is there a residue or undissolved chunks of tablet left in my bottle?
Shake your bottle vigorously before opening to thoroughly dissolve the tab(s). Any residue is just undissolved magnesium which is perfectly safe to ingest. It will just react in your stomach to create even more H2. Sometimes the delicate chemistry of the tablets and water leaves some remnants of magnesium, especially if the water you use is very cold.

Can lactose intolerant individuals use these tabs?
Lactose is present in the tablet as a binding agent in a minuscule amount which should not cause any discomfort. Those with allergies or intolerance to lactose would need to ingest approximately 40 or more tablets in one sitting to experience mild discomfort.

Are there any contraindications from ingesting H2?
No. Some people may experience a cleansing reaction including nausea, mild heartburn, headaches or looser stools. There is no risk of toxicity from the magnesium being ingested. Hydrogen gas does not cause toxicity at levels significantly higher than what the tablet produces. Hydrogen doesn’t build up in the body. Any excess is simply exhaled.

Can you overdose on H2?
No. In fact some studies regarding specific disease models indicated that with H2, more is actually better. Any excess H2 simply escapes as a gas.

Can I get the same benefit from food grade hydrogen peroxide?
Food grade hydrogen peroxide [H2O2] has no similarity to dissolved molecular hydrogen [H2]. Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizer and is used as a bleaching agent and disinfectant. Molecular hydrogen [H2] is a reducing agent/anti-oxidant.

Does H2 water have external uses?
Agricultural chemicals can be rapidly removed from food by soaking in H2 rich water
Grains cook faster with H2 water because of the penetrating power of H2.
Benefits can be derived from bathing with H2 water.

Are Rejuvenation H2 Tablets explosive or combustible?
No. Just don’t get water inside your bottle of H2 tablets. Heating will result.

Why are ‘Rejuvenation’ H2 tabs a more effective way to produce hydrogen-rich drinking water than alkaline ionized water, hydrogen sticks, or other water soluble or ingestible tablets?
Rejuvenation tabs are capable of producing enough H2 to saturate 500ml of water with 13 PPM*(parts per million) of H2. This far exceeds what any  other method can achieve. Ionizers and hydrogen sticks typically produce between 0.1-0.5 PPM of H2, plus the results they deliver drop off sharply with use. Ingestible H2 capsules give off a constant H2 level, which has been shown to be ineffective in some disease models (such as Parkinson’s). Competing brands of H2 tablets produce only a fraction of the total H2 compared to Rejuvenation H2 tabs. This is because competing brands have a lower level or quality of active ingredients plus a less effective design. Many of the best studies about the benefits and effects of drinking hydrogen-rich water involved using hydrogen-rich water with H2 concentrations in excess of 4-6 PPM. Rejuvenation tabs produce these concentrations of H2.

*Maximum concentrations under ideal creation methods

Excellent Video about Molecular Hydrogen
Tyler LeBaron: Presents at AMMG Medical Conference Nov. 2015 See minute 38:24 of this video regarding molecular hydrogen and mitigation of exposure to radiation.

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Here is an excellent report entitled ‘Clinical Effects of Hydrogen Administration: From Animal and Human Diseases to Exercise Medicine’ published in the International Journal of Clinical Medicine, January 2016.

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