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Shungite Products

Unseen yet impactful energies surround and interpenetrate our bodies. Life emerges and is organized from this unseen world. The nature of these invisible energies determine whether they are helpful or harmful to the human organism. We live in a world of increasingly sophisticated technological devices (such as cellphones and computers) known to disrupt the proper functioning of our physiology. By contrast, shungite is being used in industry, agronomy and medical science for its unseen yet acknowledged properties that may support life and living tissue, and shield from harmful radiations.

  • Shungite Chips


    Shungite has been used for centuries in Russia for cleaning and imparting beneficial properties to water. Please note that we cannot offer any proof or test data regarding these capabilities. Shungite water is a wonderful hair rinse. It is also useful for birds, animals and plants. Aquariums stay clean longer, with more stabilized pH, when shungite stone is placed in the water. Find details about how to make Shungite water here.

    200 grams


  • Shungite Pendants

    from $20.00

    Shungite pendants are worn touching the skin, over the heart chakra. Hold the pendant under cool running water for several minutes to clean the stone.
    Available in a variety of shapes, polished and unpolished.


  • Shungite Pyramids

    from $15.00

    Place shungite pyramids in your living areas, workplace, bedroom and above water containers. The pyramid shape focuses energy, a secret known and used by several ancient civilizations. Use a compass to orient one side of the pyramid towards magnetic north.
    Available polished or unpolished.
    Sizes in cm: 3×3, 4×4, 10×10.

  • Shungite Spheres

    from $20.00

    Shungite spheres are wonderful to hold and behold.
    Prices here are for a single sphere without a stand. Shungite stands are available for larger diameter spheres (5 cm and larger), see drop down for pricing. 15cm and 20cm stands are only available with stands.
    Sizes in cm: 3, 4, 5, 7, 15

  • Shungite Cubes

    from $25.00

    Shungite cubes are eye-catching and intriguing.
    Prices here are for a single cube.
    Sizes in cm: 4 (more coming soon)

For more about shungite and how to use it see:
What is Shungite?
How to Prepare Shungite Water

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