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Triple Countertop Water Filter Details

If you live in an apartment in Greater Vancouver and want safe, great tasting, on-demand filtered water at a sensible price, this is the water filter for you.

It’s also perfect for anyone requiring a high quality drinking water filter that is not permanently installed.

The 3-stage countertop system is specifically configured for use with municipally treated water within the Greater Vancouver Water District. As required by provincial drinking water regulations, the Greater Vancouver Water District disinfects our tap water with chlorine (and ozone at Coquitlam) to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses from our water supply.

Although chlorinating water controls the possibility of water borne disease, it is well documented that drinking and bathing in chlorinated water can have serious health consequences. In addition to introducing harmful chlorinated by-products such as THMs to the water supply, chlorine is also not effective against cryptosporidium cysts (parasites) that are present in our local water.

By combining three different, high quality filters in sequence, this multi-stage system offers comprehensive protection from the known contaminants in Greater Vancouver’s drinking water.

The unit comes with its own integrated faucet and a diverter valve which attaches to the end of your tap. Whenever you want filtered water, you simply open the diverter valve to direct water through the unit and out the fountain.

It delivers unlimited amounts of great-tasting, safe, clean water you can trust for all your drinking, cooking and food preparation needs. And it won’t strip your water of healthy minerals.

Why three stages of filtration?

Stage 1: 1 micron sediment filter removes silt, algae and fine particulate optimizing the specialized capabilities of the stage 2 and 3 cartridges.

Stage 2: 0.6 micron extruded carbon block tested for greater than 99% removal of chlorine taste and odour plus at least 95% removal of THMs.

Stage 3: 0.5 micron extruded carbon block specially designed and tested for heavy duty lead reduction, turbidity reduction and 99.99% removal of parasite cysts.


12” (30.5 cm) H, 4¼” (10.8 cm) D, 15” (38 cm) W

One year warranty

(Does not include cartridges which by nature are exhausted by the contaminants they are designed to filter.)


Cartridge replacement

It is very important to change filter cartridges approximately every 9 months to maintain optimal performance. We provide a free email reminder service that will notify you when your cartridges are due for replacement.

This water filter is for cold water use only.

Use only on municipally treated water or other supply known to be microbiologically safe.

The Greater Vancouver Water District supplies tap water to the following municipalities:

Anmore, Bowen Island, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, Langley (City), Langley (Township), Maple Ridge, New Westminster, North Vancouver (City), North Vancouver (District), Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Richmond, Surrey, Vancouver, West Vancouver.