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Allergy Machine Junior Air Purifier

Compact Design Specifically for Asthma, Allergies and Relief from Tobacco Smoke
Also Recommended for Damp or Greasy Environments

The Allergy Machine Junior is designed for sub-micron control of allergens and airborne contaminants (such as pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and mold) that can trigger allergic and asthmatic distress.
True HEPA filtration offers the same comprehensive protection from toxic chemicals, gases and airborne contaminants provided by the HealthMate Junior plus exclusive HEGA technology which is particularly effective at removing smoke from tobacco and wood stoves.
Recommended model for humid and greasy environments like kitchens and damp basement suites.
Robust construction including steel housing and toxin-free components thoroughly sealed to prevent leaking of uncleaned air.
Five year mechanical warranty for the machine and five year pro-rated guarantee for the exclusive combination of true HEPA/HEGA filter provides the best long term value, performance and build quality in the air purification industry.

Optional Wheels

Four easy roll castors are optional on a new baseplate for $50

How it works.

austin-airThe Allergy Machine Junior features a unique filter which incorporates 30 square feet of true HEPA technology in conjunction with a special military carbon cloth. This exclusive combination called HEGA, is particularly effective at filtering allergens plus it performs well in damp, greasy and smoky environments. This machine has 3 fan speed settings which draw in air from all four sides for exceptional air gathering capacity. On the highest setting up to 125 cubic feet of air is cleaned every minute. Cleaned air exits through a louvered upper outlet on one side of the housing.

About the Allergy Machine Jr. Filter

The Allergy Machine Junior incorporates a unique combination of true HEPA/HEGA filtration. It is guaranteed for five years of exceptional performance.

Permafilt Pre-filter
removes hair, pet dander, dust, pollen, allergens and mold.
This prefilter is designed to be vacuumed from outside of the unit at least once a month.

30 sq ft (2.79 sq metres) of True Medical Grade HEPA
Removes 99.97% of all airborne particles down to 0.3 microns in size (95% effectiveness at 0.1 microns) including bacteria, viruses and harmful micro-organisms.

HEGA – Military carbon cloth
This special carbon material does not release carbon dust. Consequently the filter is constructed so that air passes through the true HEPA filter, removing airborne particles before contacting the carbon cloth. The carbon cloth is then fully available for gas, smoke and odour removal and its useful life is increased.

No Cost Maintenance for Five Year Performance

Austin machines come with a 5 year mechanical warranty and a 5 year pro-rated filter guarantee for normal residential use. This means up to five years of top rated performance without replacing any parts. The ONLY upkeep required for Austin Air Machines is to vacuum the prefilter from outside the machine at least once per month.

Estimated Five Year Filter Replacement Cost
True HEPA/Carbon Cloth filter (includes PermaFilt prefilter) $225

Construction Quality & Mobility

Dedicated to providing real health benefits, Austin Air machines contain NO off-gassing plastics. Austin Air housings are solidly built from perforated 23 gauge steel with a baked-on powder-coat finish. Properly sealed to prevent dirty air bypass. Optional easy roll castors. Made in the USA.


16.5” (42 cm) high x 11” (27.9 cm) wide x 11” (27.9 cm) deep

Room Coverage*

Up to 700 sq ft (65 sq metres). The smaller the area, the more effective the filtration.
For effective general air cleaning this machine performs best in spaces up to 235 sq ft (22 sq metres).
For severe asthma and allergies this machine performs best in rooms up to 120 sq ft (11 sq metres).

Air Flow and Air Exchanges*

This machine can process 125 cubic ft (3.54 cubic metres) of air per minute which is equivalent to:
8 air exchanges per hour in a 120 sq ft space (11 sq metres).
6 air exchanges per hour in a 156 sq ft space (14.5 sq metres).
4 air exchanges per hour in a 235 sq ft space (22 sq metres).
2 air exchanges per hour in a 470 sq ft space (44 sq metres).

*based on high speed setting and 8 ft ceilings (2.44 metres)

Air Intake/Outflow

360°air intake. Purified air exist through louvered vent on one side of upper deck.

Fan Rating

200 cubic feet per minute on high speed (5.66 cubic metres per minute)
100 cubic feet per minute on medium speed (2.83 cubic metres per minute)
50  cubic feet per minute on low speed (1.42 cubic metres per minute)

Sound levels

50 dB (low) to 66 dB (high)


12 pounds (5.44 kg)


Permanent split capacitor mounted on shock absorbers.
Rated for continuous high RPM and long life duty.


25 watts – 80 watts
0.3 amps – 1.0 amps

CSA and UL approved

Made in USA

Austin Air is a family owned business founded in Ontario in 1990. Today Austin Air is based in Buffalo NY where it maintains the largest manufacturing plant of its kind in the world.

Owners Manual (PDF)