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Paddlers Flotilla for BC Rivers, Saturday April 25

Calling all paddlers on Saturday, April 25 2009, 3:00pm – 6:00pm.

Let’s suit up, dust off our whitewater or sea kayaks, floating
bathtubs, rafts, rowboats or canoes and come on out of hibernation to
show our support to keep Our Rivers Wild and Our Power Public.

The goal is simple: Have some fun and make some noise about the
future of our Rivers and our Public Power System in BC as we lead up
to the May 12 Election. We also want to make some noise about the
recent erosion of our cherished Navigable Water Protection Act.

The plan is to float and paddle around Vancouver harbor near Kits
Point with the Save our Rivers banners on display to raise awareness
and direct people to the excellent commentary and documentary films
available on the site.

Location: North end of Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver

Contact: Adam Sealy, 778-908-4482

Facebook page (facebook account required):