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Pioneering Alternatives for Metro Vancouver’s Unique Water Conditions

VANCOUVER, BC – Nov 3, 2008 The pressure is on to switch from drinking water bottled in plastic just as winter rains dump more turbidity, and ensuing chlorine, into Vancouver’s tap water. Coinciding with Metro Vancouver’s back-to-the-tap campaign, on November 6 Vancouver-based watermatters® celebrates the opening of its new Laurel Street store aimed at helping local residents cut through a confusing flood of new water-related products with facts and choices that match Metro Vancouver’s unique water conditions.

First to introduce BPA-free stainless steel water bottles to Vancouver in 2006, watermatters® advocates 7 compelling reasons to stop drinking water bottled in plastic.
Insisting that water treatment should be tailored to local water conditions, watermatters® new store features a filtered-water-sampling station where systems for homes and apartments can be taste-tested before you buy. The store is attempting to set an example that the market-driven practice of buying water is passé: passers-by are encouraged to come in and fill up their re-usable water bottle for free.

watermatters® will celebrate the store opening on Thursday, November 6, 2008.
11am-8pm. The public and the press are welcome for refreshments, door prizes and
little-known information about local drinking water.

For additional information contact Mary Johnston or visit www.yourwatermatters.com

About watermatters®:

watermatters® is a Vancouver-based company that provides residential water filters, shower filters, non-toxic water bottles and other water-quality products for Metro Vancouver’s unique water conditions.


Mary Johnston, CEO