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January 21st, 2023

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New BC Water Act: Have Your Say

British Columbia is about to get a new Water Act. Our current one is 104 years old and is responsible for travesties like the outrageous Nestlé bottled water withdrawals in Hope.

BC’s new Water Sustainability Act is due to be rolled out Spring 2014, however not before British Columbians get one last chance to make sure that the new act really protects our water and long term sustainability.

The BC government is inviting public comments on the proposed Act between now and November 15, 2013.

Here is a 2 minute video from BC Environment Minister Mary Polak announcing the proposed Act and how you can give your feedback regarding this proposed act.

According to Andrew Gage, staff lawyer with the West Coast Environmental Law Association: “A weak Water Sustainability Act could fail to deal with current unsustainable and inefficient water use, and could lock in these problems for years to come.  A strong Act could address past over-use, and wasteful use, of water and protect drinking water and fish from over-use, poor oil and gas, logging or mining practices, and other threats.”

Up to Nov 15, 2013 is your chance to have a say about the content of this Act and the future of our water.