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Must-See Film about Water Showing in Vancouver

An excellent film about water will be showing in Vancouver this week.
The Vancouver International Film Festival is presenting

Blue Gold: World Water Wars

“Wars of the future will be fought over water, not oil. There have indeed been many films made recently on what might very well be the hottest topic of our new century. This is likely the best of them. It is based on Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke’s call to arms Blue Gold: The Fight to Stop the Corporate Theft of the World’s Water, and features eloquent testimonials from them as well as from the likes of the ever-admirable Vandana Shiva.

Directed by Sam Bozzo and executive produced by Mark Achbar (The Corporation), this incendiary film travels to a dozen countries to make explicit the connection between water and power. Witness the Bush Family buying up large sections of South America (Jenna Bush recently purchased an enormous parcel of land on the border between Brazil and Paraguay). Do they know something we don’t? The world’s largest underground aquifer sits beneath Brazil, and as Clarke points out, this area shows every indication of becoming “the next Middle East of the water wars.”

There are many jaw-droppers in this film, but it’s the cumulative power of the overall argument that is so impressive. From what exactly happens to a human body after seven days without water, to the fact that corporations have a clear disincentive in limiting pollution (making dirty water clean again requires people to pay for the process), it pulls no punches and is unafraid to name names. This is not a film without hope, however, and courage; witness people from Barlow (“My mother always said serious people have serious enemies.”) to South Korean farmers to Bolivian shoemakers, perfectly ordinary folk who’ve reared up and told those multinationals to go straight to hell.”

Watch the trailer.

Show times

Thu, Oct 9th 7:15pm
Empire Granville 7

Fri, Oct 10th 1:00pm
Empire Granville 7