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Metro Vancouver targets pH 8.3 for our tap water

Metro Vancouver recently (June 7th 2021) made a slight upward adjustment to the pH and alkalinity of our tap water. These adjustments are made for corrosion control, not for health reasons.

Water in the Metro Vancouver region comes from protected mountain lakes and creeks.  It is collected into 3 reservoirs and is then directed to one of Metro Vancouver’s water treatment plants.

Our raw untreated source water is naturally acidic.
Water pH and alkalinity for all 3 reservoirs range as follows:
pH ranges from 6.3 to 6.7
Alkalinity ranges from 2 to 5 mg/L CaCO3 (calcium carbonate)

At the water treatment plants, physical and bacteriological contaminants are removed from the raw source water and disinfectant processes and agents are applied before sending the treated water into the distribution system and to our taps.

Water pH and alkalinity are also adjusted before leaving the treatment plants.
Our current (October 2021) treated water pH and alkalinity levels are: 
pH 7.7
Alkalinity 11 mg/L CaCO3

Metro Vancouver will be raising water pH and alkalinity in Spring 2022.  The new adjusted pH and alkalinity targets for our tap water (across the whole MV region) are:
pH 8.3
Alkalinity 20mg/L CaCO3

The current Canadian Guideline for Drinking Water Quality for pH ranges from 7 to 10.5! 
The motivation for adjustment is corrosion control.
pH is not a health parameter as listed in the guidelines. 
Alkalinity is listed in the guidelines as an aesthetic parameter, with no ranges.
Metro Vancouver increases water pH and alkalinity by the addition of lime, soda ash and carbon dioxide.   Metro Vancouver has been using soda ash since the late 90’s and lime since 2009.