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March 14th, 2023

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Map Details Your Tap Water in Metro Vancouver

Locate yourself on this map to find out about your tap water.*

Yellow area – Seymour: your water is coming from the Seymour Filtration Plant and is filtered year round. It is also chlorinated. Details here.

Purple area – Capilano: from approximately late September through late April your water is coming from the Seymour Filtration Plant and is filtered and chlorinated. Until the tunnels are hooked up to the filtration plant and the Seymour-Capilano Filtration Project is completed in its entirety (2013?), during the summer months your water will come from the Capilano reservoir. This water is unfiltered however chlorine is added. Details here are most relevant to you. Certain parts of West Vancouver supplied by Eagle Lake  are the exception. Eagle Lake has its own treatment process.

Green area – Coquitlam: your water is coming from the Coquitlam reservoir. It is ozonated and then chlorinated before being distributed to your municipality. Plans are underway to add UV (ultra violet) to Coquitlam’s treatment process (preliminary plannning targeted for 2013). Coquitlam’s water is not part of the Seymour-Caplilano Filtration Project.

*The colour coding referred to in this article is based on this 2006 map supplied courtesy of Metro Vancouver. Delineations are not precise and changes may have occurred since the map was created. To verify the source of your water, contact your municipality’s water quality department.


If you own a home in the Metro Vancouver area and want to control the quality of your tap water with water filters specifically for your local water condtions, read details here and here.
If you rent your home in Metro Vancouver, find countertop options here and here.

11 Responses to “Map Details Your Tap Water in Metro Vancouver”

  1. Linda Says:

    This is great information. Thanks for keeping on top of this for residents of the GVA!

  2. what should i be testing my water for? (freshwater) - Page 3 Says:

    […] who AFAIK use chlorine and no chloramine: http://www.metrovancouver.org/about/…Guidelines.pdf Map of Metro Vancouver Tap Water Source & Supply | watermatters I am open to correction on that, though, if others have further information. 2011 report […]

  3. Mary Says:

    Metro Vancouver supplies chlorinated (not chloriminated) water to 18 municipalities (see list here http://yourwatermatters.com/vancouver-water/tunnels-troubles-and-your-tap-water-820-million-hangs-in-the-balance/). Mission and Abbotsford (not within Metro Van district) chloriminate their water. Don’t know about Chilliwack.

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