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January 21st, 2023

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Important Water Filter Do’s & Don’ts

1. Don’t Delay Water Filter Cartridge Changes

We are astounded at how often newcomers (to our store) with existing water filters report that it has been one and a half and even two years since their last filter change!! It would be far better to be drinking tap water than water from a cartridge overdue for change. Although obvious to us, it bears repeating that one should ALWAYS stay on top of drinking water filter cartridge changes.

Individuals who live on their own often suggest that they should be able to make less frequent cartridge changes. Although true to a degree, remember that over time the possibility of bacteria breeding in a wet cartridge increases.

We recommend changes at six month intervals, and certainly not exceeding one year.

Significant slowing of the rate of flow is another sign that your water filter needs new cartridges. If you have a filter that never slows down, we recommend that you question its effectiveness. It probably hasn’t been providing you with much protection.

A third indicator is if the filtered water starts to have bad taste or odour. Replace all cartridges immediately if this occurs.

Keeping up with your water filter changes should be viewed differently than maintaining most other household appliances. It’s not like changing bags in your vacuum cleaner. After all, your drinking water is fundamental to your well-being and the most important substance you ingest.

At an average monthly cost of just $10 – $12, staying up to date with your cartridge changes has got to be one of the least expensive investments in your health and quality of life.

2. Know the Limitations of Your Water Filter

Don’t assume that you have contaminant-free water simply because you have a water filter. No single model of water filter can address all the contaminant variables now found in drinking water in North America.  Make sure the model you are using is matched to your local water conditions.

Similarly, if you are traveling, or going camping, make sure that the water filter or purifier that you are taking with you is suited to the water available where you are going.

For example, to find the right travel filter some questions you might ask about your destination’s drinking water conditions are…

3. Never Use Water from a Shower Filter for Drinking

Much to our dismay we occasionally hear someone mention that they have been using water from their shower filter for drinking!
NEVER DO THIS. Water from shower filters is for external use only.

Shower filters are designed for use with hot water and fast flow rates. They reduce chlorine exposure but they do not have the filtration capabilities of a properly designed drinking water filter through which only cold water passes at much slower rates of flow.

Hot shower conditions may support some forms of bacteria that are harmless externally but that should not be deliberately ingested.

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    Thanks for keeping us in the loop with all your great water info Mary! We appreciate all your knowledge and research.