Important Notice to Berkey Customers

January 21st, 2023

If you have purchased Black Berkey replacement elements from Watermatters™ since August 2021 that you have stored for future use, or if your elements are in use and ... More »

Important Notice to Berkey Customers

If you have purchased Black Berkey replacement elements from Watermatters™ since August 2021 that you have stored for future use, or if your elements are in use and producing persistently cloudy water, it is very important that you read and take action regarding the following.

Watermatters™ has been receiving intermittent feedback from Berkey customers about Black Berkey elements that produce persistently cloudy water, or that are exceedingly slow to filter any water at all (despite being correctly primed).

There is no way for us to tell, in advance, if a particular set of Black Berkey elements will fail to perform properly. These deficiencies only become apparent upon priming the elements and putting them into use.

Watermatters™ has been in dialogue with Berkey (New Millennium Concepts Ltd) about this situation. Until very recently, Berkey insisted that the problem was caused by our local water conditions… an explanation which we knew was not accurate.

It has been brought to our awareness that Berkey is now receiving similar feedback about faulty Black Berkey elements from Berkey dealers worldwide.

If you have unused Black Berkey elements purchased from Watermatters™ since August 2021, please prime them (see details below), and test their performance in your Berkey as soon as possible. Once you have performed this test and have confirmed that they perform as expected, the elements can be thoroughly dried out and put back into storage (see details below).

If your primed elements produce relentlessly cloudy water, or process barely any water at all (despite proper priming), please follow the warranty claim instructions below.

Black Berkey elements have a prorated two (2) year warranty (see details below). It is important to submit a warranty claim as soon as possible if you discover that your elements are faulty.

In the past Watermatters™ has endeavoured to handle product warranty issues with Berkey on behalf of our customers. However, Berkey (New Millennium Concepts, Ltd.) now insists that ALL warranty claims must be initiated by the end user (our customer) directly with Berkey’s warranty claim department. Watermatters™ cannot submit a warranty claim for you, however we will do everything we can to assist you during the claim process if you need to submit a claim.
Berkey promises a speedy resolution.

Berkey Warranty Claim Process

Use this link to initiate a warranty claim for your Berkey product.
Contact help@yourwatermatters.com so that we can email you a copy of your product purchase receipt which will be needed for your warranty claim.

Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience, should you encounter it.
We are here to help you get back on track to a satisfactory experience with using your Berkey.


To prime your elements
Follow the written instructions that come with the elements or watch this video.

To dry out wetted elements for storage
Remove the elements from the Berkey chamber. Place them on a rack or elevated on a plate in such a way that there is air circulation on all sides and so that the elements will not be sitting in the water that drains out of them. Leave them to air dry completely. This may take a week or more, depending on ambient temperature and humidity. Once the elements are bone dry, wrap them in plastic and store in a dry location that is free of fumes.

Warranty for Black Berkey elements
Black Berkey® Elements are covered under a two year limited prorated warranty, calculated in six month intervals. Warranty period begins from the date of receipt of the product by the original purchaser.