watermatters has moved!

May 22nd, 2020

watermatters is now located at 3622 W. 4th Ave in Vancouver, BC.

Great News for Cancer Patients

InspireHealth is now offering services at no cost to cancer patients and their support people at three centres – Vancouver, Victoria and Kelowna – and online across the country.

InspireHealth is a team of family physicians, nutritionists, exercise therapists, and clinical counsellors with a special interest in cancer care. Patients are encouraged to create an individualized plan that improves their health in multiple areas such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, healthy communication, rekindling passion and joy in living, and their place in their community. Patients can engage with InspireHealth before, during and after cancer treatments.

For more information, visit www.inspirehealth.ca or call 1-888-734-7125.