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May 22nd, 2020

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Flouride: Which B.C. communities add fluoride to water?

Fort St. John, Prince Rupert*, Cranbrook and Terrace are the only communities in British Columbia that still add fluoride to tap water.

Prince George and Sparwood, BC decided to stop fluoridating in 2014.
Williams Lake ended the practice in 2011.
Kamloops stopped fluoridating in 2001.

From 1955 to 1975, a total of 21 communities in British Columbia began adding fluoride to their local tap water. For instance, Prince George added fluoride to its water from 1955 through 2014. Since 1975 no new B.C. communities have begun the practice of adding fluoride.

Fluoride is NOT added to water in Metro Vancouver, Vancouver Island or the Okanagan.

The results of community referendums clearly show that the general public in British Columbia does not favour the addition of fluoride to our drinking water.

*As of this notation made on Jan 6, 2017, Prince Rupert’s website says “Fluoride is not presently added to Prince Rupert’s potable water as the injection system is currently off-line, awaiting sufficient funding for upgrading and replacement.”