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FAQs About Drinking Hydrogen-Rich Water

What is hydrogen-rich water (also called hydrogen water)?

Just as carbonated water and carbonated beverages contain dissolved carbon dioxide gas (CO2), hydrogen water is infused with dissolved hydrogen gas (H2, also known as molecular hydrogen).

Don’t we get H2 when we drink H2O?

Everything contains hydrogen. It is the most abundant element in the universe. However hydrogen is usually bound to other atoms and molecules and therefore not available purely as H2.

Just as we don’t get oxygen from H2O, we don’t get H2 from water. This is because H2 and O2 in H20 are not available because they are chemically bound to the water molecule.

When used therapeutically hydrogen is dissolved into water in its molecular form, H2.

What about the explosive nature of hydrogen gas?

H2 (hydrogen gas) is highly explosive and O2 (oxygen gas) enables fire. However when they are bound together as H2O they create that which extinguishes fire: water.

Hydrogen gas is extremely explosive in air when its concentration exceeds 4.6% by volume. It is not explosive when dissolved in water to form hydrogen-rich water.

Doesn’t hydrogen make water more acidic?

H2 is a neutral gas formed by the joining of two H atoms. It is a different form of hydrogen than the positively charged hydrogen ion (H+) which determines pH. (See Forms of Hydrogen article).

Doesn’t H20 plus H2 make hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)?

Molecular hydrogen (H2) is a neutral gas which can be dissolved into water. However when H2 is added to water it cannot bind or react with H2O to create a new form of molecule. ‘Hydrogen-rich’ water does not form hydrogen peroxide.

Since hydrogen gas is so volatile, how can it stay dissolved in water long enough to offer any benefit?

Just as carbonated drinks start to gas off as soon as the lid is removed, H2 will start to escape immediately. Similarly, it takes time for all of the dissolved H2 to escape from water. Hydrogen-rich water is best contained in a bottle with a narrow mouth, a narrow diameter (small water-to-air-exposure surface area), filled to the brim, agitated as little as possible and consumed as soon as possible.

What is the solubility of hydrogen in water?

The solubility of molecular hydrogen in water maxes out at 1.6 mg/L.* Hydrogen is not very soluble because it is a neutral molecule. However H2 is the smallest, lightest known molecule in the universe therefore the number of molecules in 1mg of H2 exceeds the same amount of any other substance. The antioxidant power of H2 exceeds the equivalent amount (by volume or weight) of any other antioxidant substance.

How much hydrogen-rich water should one drink to get benefits?

Studies showing the beneficial effects of molecular hydrogen on humans are generally based on concentrations of 1-3 mg/L* of dissolved H2. Higher or lower concentrations may apply for different conditions and individuals. Effective concentrations may vary with conditions and individuals. These quantities are still being investigated by scientists and researchers. It appears that one cannot get too much H2. Any excess is simply exhaled and does not over-accumulate in the body.

If water contains 1mg/L* of dissolved molecular hydrogen, drinking two litres of that water gives 2 mg of H2.

How long has molecular hydrogen been used for therapeutic benefits?

H2 is natural to our bodies. Large amounts of it are produced by gut bacteria after eating fruits, vegetables and fibre-rich foods.

There are records of hydrogen gas being used for medical benefit (anti-inflammatory) that date back as far as 1798. The history of its use indicates that hydrogen gas can be very safe at concentrations hundreds of times higher than therapeutic doses typically applied today.

Hydrogen was used without toxic effects to locate gunshot wounds in the intestines in the late 1800’s.

Since 1943, high concentrations of hydrogen gas have been used to prevent decompression sickness in deep sea divers.

The therapeutic use of H2 did not emerge on the modern scientific horizon until 2007 when an article about the benefits of hydrogen was published in the prestigious journal of Nature Medicine by Dr. Ohta’s group.

. . .

*1mg/L is equivalent to 1ppm (parts per million)

Acknowledgement: Many thanks to Tyler LeBaron and the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation for his valuable work and information regarding the studies, properties and use of molecular hydrogen gas.

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