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March 14th, 2023

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Dr. Ibrahim Karim: Founder of BioGeometry®

Dr. Ibrahim Karim is the Egyptian founder of BioGeometry, a modern energy science which Ibrahimsuccessfully unites science with spiritual insight.

Dr. Karim is an architect by profession, a graduate of the renowned Swiss F.I.T. Zurich. He is also trained as a engineer with professional involvements that impact a wide variety of natural sciences.

Dr. Karim’s career spans several continents and a multitude of scientific and esoteric disciplines. He has deep connections with Egypt’s ancient past. While renovating the museum of Ancient Egyptian medicine in 1972, Dr. Karim was introduced to Radiesthesia and its ancient Egyptian origins. Subsequently, through a providential encounter in Paris, at the Maison de Radiesthesie, Dr. Karim acquired original Radiesthiesia texts and instruments garnered by the pioneers of that science.

Fluent in many languages, Dr. Karim has successfully combined modern concepts of physics and harmonics with insights garnered from ancient Egypt, Radiesthesia, and Pythagorean theories to develop the new ‘Physics of Quality’ called BioGeometry. This is a science based on ‘qualitative’ measurement. It is supported by biofeedback and bio-imaging devices plus thirty years of academic and applied research in the fields of architecture, building biology, geobiology, industrial design, interior design, aircraft design, medical applications, agronomy, animal husbandry, EMF protection plus personal health and sports applications.

Dr-Karim-speakingDr. Karim continues to research new and deeper applications for BioGeometry with the assistance of medical, scientific and design professionals in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. He also travels extensively to do consulting work regarding the energy balancing of buildings. Dr. Karim now resides in Montreal.


“Only those who see the invisible,
can do the impossible”.*

*Dr. Ibrahim Karim

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