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Harmonizing Dirty Electricity from ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMFs)

radiation croppedElectromagnetic fields (EMFs) consist of light particles (photons) that radiate in the form of waves at invisible speeds. The radiation power of these fields depends upon wave length and wave frequency.

Natural EMFs are generated by the Earth and every cell in our body. These are extremely low frequencies called ELFs. Their resonance is necessary for and compatible with healthy life processes.

Modern technology escalates disease conditions amongst sensitive populations

Artificially generated EMFs also abound due to the technologies of our modern lifestyle. These generate stronger, disruptive frequencies that have been clearly proven to disturb the immune systems, DNA and energy fields of many species, including humans.

Our exposure to these artificial radiations has multiplied by more than 100 million times in the past 75 years…and is increasing. Many individuals now suffer from this electrosmog and are unfortunate evidence of its devastating impact. ElectroHyperSenitivity (EHS) is the name for thiscell phone tower condition. Symptoms linked to electro-hypersensitivity include…

Electric and magnetic force fields

em waveAn electromagnetic field (EMF) consists of a vertical electrical wave and a horizontal magnetic wave.

Electrical charge is generated by voltage which can be blocked easily. When an appliance is plugged in this charge is present, even when the appliance is turned off. Electrical charge is measured in ‘Hertz’.

Magnetic fields are generated and magnified by electric current. They are only active when electric charge is present. Magnetic fields are difficult to block; they can penetrate bodies, concrete and steel. The power of magnetic fields are measured in ‘Gauss’.

Artificial electromagnetic fields impact bodily functions through a process called resonance causing the body’s natural electromagnetic fields to vibrate at corrupted frequencies. Artificial EMFs overwhelm the body’s healthy rhythms, altering its natural processes. The resulting distortion creates chaos within the body’s electromagnetic fields and communication systems. This causes physical, mental and emotional imbalance.

Today these manmade EMFs penetrate everywhere on our planet broadcasting what is referred to as dirty electricity. Electromagnetic frequencies are broadcast by WiFi, cellphones, cordless phones, SmartMeters, electronics, power lines, military installations, microwaves, TV & radio stations…. The closer the source of these emissions and the stronger the signal, the more dangerous is their effect on biological systems.

Cell Phone Radiation

Cellphones and cordless phones emit powerful EMFs in the microwave range. Radiation from a phone’s antenna can penetrate up to 2 inches into the human brain heating biological tissue and altering brainwave function.

From harmful to harmonized: elevating the effect of electromagnetic fields

EMFs are broadcasting energy and information at a subatomic level. The vibrational pattern of this energy is missing the field effects that would make the information coherent rather than discordant, life-supporting rather than life-threatening. Without changing the strength of the electromagnetic field itself, it is possible to transmute a chaotic EMF so that its effects are benign or even beneficial. This subtle adjustment primarily influences the magnetic field forces which, in turn, harmonize the electric fields.

Energy detection and measurement

Typical electromagnetic waves emit frequencies and wave motion that are measurable by instruments that detect electron flow. These conventional instruments are not sensitive enough to detect the subtle fields which BioGeometry tools utilize to harmonize dirty electricity and geopathic stress. These corrective fields propagate at faster-than-light speed. However, the benefits of BioGeometry devices have been tested through several decades of research and practical applications demonstrating significant corrections and beneficial biological effects in the fields of medical science, personal health, EMF protection, correction of geopathic stress, architecture, design, sports, aviation, agronomy and animal husbandry.

‘No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.’
                                                                                                                    Albert Einstein

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