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Clearbrook BC Wins Gold for World’s Best Tap Water

Clearbrook (a neighbourhood of Abbotsford, BC) won the 2016 gold medal for best municipal water in the world on February 27, 2016. Municipalities from around the world compete annually for this award at the Berkeley Springs Water Tasting Competition which takes place in West Virginia. The event is also known as the Academy Awards of Water.

smtastingbluesealOver the past decade Clearbrook’s water has repeatedly earned the gold medal for ‘best municipal water’ at Berkeley Springs, the largest annual water tasting competition in the world. Clearbrook won the gold medal in 2008, 2009, 2014 and 2016. It took home the bronze medal in 2015.

Clearbrook gets its water from the Abbotsford-Sumas aquifer. No chlorine, no fluoride, no chemicals added!

Although tap water in surrounding Abottsford is chemically treated and sourced mostly from Norrish Creek, the small neighbourhood of Clearbrook has proudly maintained control over its own water supply since 1953. The Clearbrook Waterworks District conducts frequent water quality tests and diligently maintains its water distribution system.

2016 Berkeley Springs International Water Competition

This was the 26th annual international water competition at Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. The water of Berkeley Springs has been known for hundreds of years for its healing properties.

The competition consists of 5 different categories of waters.

Winning waters are judged for being clear, odourless, ‘clean’ tasting, ‘light’ feeling, and with an aftertaste that ‘leaves you thirsting for more’.

2016 Water Competition Winners

Best Municipal Water 2016

Best in world: Clearbrook, BC, Canada
Best in US: Eldorado Springs, Colorado
2nd Marysville, Victoria, Australia
3rd Independence, Montana
4th Santa Ana, California
5th Mission Springs Water District, Desert Hot Springs, California

Best Bottled Water 2016
1st Theoni Natural Mineral Water, Karditsa, Greece
2nd Prairie Crystal Pure Spring Water, Marchand, Manitoba
3rd Eau De Source 83 ppm, Village Blanchard, New Brunswick
4th Davia Organic Maple Sap Water, Saint-Quentin, New Brunswick
5th Antipodes, Whakatane, New Zealand

Best Sparkling 2016
1st Tesanjski Kiseljak, Tesanj, Bosnia
2nd Touch Sparkling Mineral Water, Marchand, Manitoba
3rd Celvick Dobri Kiseljak, Tesanj, Bosnia
3-way tie for 4th
Oro Luxury Water, Vizianius, Macedonia
Nakd Luxury Sparkling Water, Putaruru, New Zealand
Deluge Sparkling Natural Spring Water, Oro-Medonte, Ontario

Best Purified Drinking Water 2016
1st Bar H2O, Richmond, Missouri
2nd Divinia, Idaho Falls, Idaho
3rd Hamilton, On Tap, Hamilton, Ohio
4th Mountain Drop, Linthicum, Maryland bottling Berkeley Springs water
5th Berkeley Springs Purified Water, Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

Best Packaging 2016
1st Nakd Luxury Artesian Water, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
2nd Antipodes, Whakatane, New Zealand
3rd Jackson Springs Natural Premium Spring Water, Middlebro, Manitoba