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May 22nd, 2020

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Boil water advisory issued for White Rock & part of South Surrey

Residents of White Rock, BC are being told to boil their water after tests detected a low level of coliform bacteria in the city’s water supply.

The Fraser Health Authority’s David Plug says the boil advisory also covers about 80 homes in neighbouring South Surrey, “I believe the street numbers are 136 to 148. This is a precaution. Routine tests found that there was a small amount of contamination at one of the wells that is used by the water system. It’s just standard practice in that case to flush the system and chlorinate it. There have been no reports of anyone being sick from this.”

Affected residents are urged to boil their water for one minute prior to drinking, brushing teeth or washing food.

Plug says the advisory could last one week, “Although it could end sooner, it all depends on how quickly we get a series of test results back that are clear.”

Members of the public who have general questions are advised to call EPCOR at 604-536-6112.

2 Responses to “Boil water advisory issued for White Rock & part of South Surrey”

  1. name Says:

    thanx for this,

  2. water filtration expert Says:

    Boiling water will help in the short term, but an investment in a water filtration system will make sense in the long term!