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Blonde Hair Turning Green? The Fix is a Shower Filter.

Chlorinated water can give blonde hair a green tint, much to the dismay of many women who spend a fortune on their prized locks. A de-chlorinating shower filter will help stop this from occurring. Both KDF shower filters and Vitamin C shower filters are great for neutralizing nasty chlorine, which is very hard on eyes, skin and lungs as well as hair.

Chlorine is a gas which vaporizes in the heat of a shower causing it to be inhaled through the lungs and absorbed into the bloodstream through the pores of the skin, our largest organ. In fact, we are exposed to far more chlorine in our daily shower than we are from drinking chlorinated water.

A KDF shower filter may also put an end to blue-green staining that can occur in homes with copper pipes in areas like Metro Vancouver where our water supply tends to be slightly acidic. Once a KDF shower filter is installed and the old staining is scrubbed away, the problem should not re-occur.


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  1. Diana Welvaert Hair Says:

    […] One of my clients is the woman who I turn to for my water filter needs. And trust me this girl knows so much about water it’s incredible. Her name is Mary and she owns and runs the store Watermatters http://yourwatermatters.com/vancouver-water/blonde-hair-turning-green-the-fix-is-a-shower-filter/ […]

  2. Mary Says:

    Thanks for the post, Diana, and for your saavy about hair!