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March 14th, 2023

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BioGeometry® – the New Physics of Quality

BioGeometry is the new physics based on modern insights into ancient esoteric science. Its intent is to uplift every aspect of modern life. Developed over the last 30 years, BioGeometry’s diverse applications span the fields of design, architecture, medicine, sports, agriculture & personal wellness.

Updated: Ancient Sciences of Shape & Place

StonehengeBioGeometry embraces wisdom incorporated into ancient sacred structures and healing sites. Pyramids, Stonehenge, venerated cathedrals, synagogues & mosques were built with a knowledge of how shape influences human experience. These structures were deliberately located on power spots whose energy they amplified. They were also purposefully oriented to harness celestial alignments for human benefit.

Electro-Magnetic Fields Transmuted

BioGeometry is gaining recognition for alleviating environmental stress and the disabling effects of electro-sensitivity. It harmonizes the effects of dirty electricity and harmful electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs) from which there is otherwise no easy  escape in today’s world of Smart Meters, cell phones, WiFi, and rampant radiation.

A Physics of Quality

Unlike other techniques currently used to correct electro-smog, BioGeometry focuses on quality rather than quantity. Instead of trying to block ubiquitous electromagnetic frequencies, BioGeometry transmutes harmful radiations (from electromagnetic, geopathic and nuclear sources) into beneficial energies that support our well-being.

Effect through Resonance

BioGeometry is a fascinating science based on resonance, a principle which was introduced to Europe from ancient Egypt by Pythagoras.Pyramids cropped

BioGeometry demonstrates that resonance occurs in shapes, angles, numbers, sound, colours, orientation and motion. For instance, shapes involve angles that produce energy patterns which determine function.

 Applied Environmental Science

IbrahimThese lost arts are now available to us once again through the efforts and discoveries of Egyptian architect, Dr. Ibrahim Karim. He has developed BioGeometry over the past 30 years, applying its principles to correct electro-pollution for entire communities in Switzerland as well as for scientifically documented applications involving personal health, architecture, industrial design, furniture design, medicine, sports, agriculture and animal husbandry. Details are available in Dr. Karim’s book,
Back to a Future for Mankind.

Benefits of BioGeometry

BioGeometry provides us with a wealth of practical techniques to dramatically improve the quality of our lives and to create optimal energy conditions in any field of work.

BioGeometry Tools and Jewelry

BioGeometry has developed fascinating tools and functional jewelry. These powerful artifacts have been used to:

BioGeometry uses intriguing proprietary shapes that induce and amplify beneficial interactions within the sea of energy that surrounds and penetrates our existence. These corrective shapes attune our internal and external environment to resonances suited to our human body.

BioGeometry products transmute harmful electro-magnetic and geopathic radiations. Attractive to the eye, some of these artifacts are designed to be strategically placed around your home or living space.  Others are worn as functional jewelry, often in conjunction with the BioSignatures mentioned below.

The result is a profound qualitative balancing of our personal energy system and harmonization of circumstances within which we live.


BGmedallion-bronze-180x180BioSignatures are linear configurations that resonate with corresponding energy patterns in and around the human body. Precisely etched into beautiful functional jewelry, BioSignatures can be worn to balance & support bodily well-being. Read more about BioSignatures here.

Radiation Detection & Correction

Dr. Karim has developed specialized pendulums for the purpose ofIKUP- cropped detecting and emitting energies, called BG3, important to BioGeometry assessments and for corrective procedures. These pendulums are not the same as typical dowsing instruments. They are highly specialized tools based on physical radiesthesia.

Applications for BioGeometry include:

Feng Shui

Landscape Architecture
Industrial Design
Interior Design
Spiritual Practice
Veterinary Work
Alternative Health
Vibrational Medicine
Sacred Geometry
Environmental Science

More about BioGeometry:

Dr. Ibrahim Karim: Founder of BioGeometry®

Three Qualities of BioGeometry: ‘BG3′
Sacred Geometry Comes of Age with BioGeometry
Harmonizing Dirty Electricity from ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMFs)
Radiesthesia & Resonance 
Audio & Videos about BioGeometry

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