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January 21st, 2023

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Bill C-36 Violates the Rights & Freedom of Canadians

Bill C36 clearly jeopardizes basic rights and freedoms of Canadians.
It would allow Health Canada to bypass the Rule of Law, thus eliminating a fundamental safeguard of democracy in Canada.
Health Canada has already abused its powers with forced entry at gun point in situations that clearly did not warrant that behaviour.
This Bill C36 would remove important restraints that have been built into the Canadian Constitution to protect us from
precisely this type of high-handed, self-serving and tyrannical misuse of power.
Bill C36 is clearly NOT in the best interests of Canadians.
The need for this bill is being falsely justified on the ridiculous premise that we (Canadians) are too stupid or naive
to be able to decide for ourselves which products serve our best interests.
Bill C36 is clearly unacceptable and unwanted by the majority of Canadians.
The exploitive use of power and suppressive use of force by high-ranking government and corporate decision-makers is gaining increasing high profile exposure.
The Canadian public is no longer ‘in the dark’.
Bills such as this one, that invite the violation of personal freedoms, must not and will not be tolerated.
The intended role of a Canadian senator is to act in the interests of the Canadian people, as determined by the Canadian people.
Canadians have made it clear that they do NOT want Bill C36.
Senators who are true to the interests of Canadians, and democracy, will act accordingly and REJECT Bill C36.