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January 21st, 2023

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BC’s Watershed Election on May 12: Action Steps to Protect Our Water

The future of BC’s water resources will be determined on provincial election day, May 12 2009.
This is BC’s Watershed Election.

Vote for a candidate who will fight to keep our water resources publicly owned.
This is the single most important step you can take
It will determine the future of our water.

Watch these short, informative videos:
BC Rivers at Risk
BC’s Watershed Election: May 12, 2009
Taking Back BC

Get informed at these important sites:
Ippwatch.info – Google Earth map of private power licenses around BC

Tell your community loud and clear that British Columbians like you want to keep our water and power generating resources publicly owned and environmentally sound.
Here are some points to use:

1. Our rivers belong to all British Columbians, not the private companies who have bought power licenses
on more than 500  rivers and streams in BC.
2. The public system that we have enjoyed for decades has provided us with ample low-cost, clean power.
There is no power shortage.
3. Fish-bearing rivers must be protected, not diverted though tunnels.
4. BC Hydro has put billions of dollars into the public treasury. Why give these profits to private
5. Turning our power system over to private companies means no public input, and higher rates for us all.
This is unacceptable.

Write to your MLA and the editor of your local paper.
Find your MLA here.

Say NO to bottling BC’s ground water for profit and export.
Support a Moratorium on For-Profit Ground Water Exploitation in BC.
More info here or on Facebook.