Watermatters has terminated business with Berkey Water Systems

March 14th, 2023

Watermatters has been selling Berkeys since 2010. Berkey systems have been well loved by our customers for years. It is now time to end our relationship with Berkey due to ongoing ... More »

BC’s Stolen Rivers

British Columbia’s rivers are among our greatest public assets, immeasurable in aesthetic and environmental value and worth billions in terms of potential power generation. Yet the BC government is transferring ownership rights for more than 500 spectacular wilderness sites to private power projects for less than $5000 -$10,000!

These independent ‘Run-of-River’ projects sound green, minimally consequential and environmentally sound. In fact, their combined impact will be massive.

More insidious, these private power projects are being built on BC rivers to generate energy British Columbia does not need. Many have been bought by large corporations who will be able to sell them to foreign interests. These private producers will sell electricity back to BC Hydro (now banned by the BC government from generating any new power) at much higher prices than we currently pay!

The BC government has manufactured an energy crisis to justify this privatization of prized river resources, the environmental destruction of spectacularly beautiful wilderness sites, and an impending radical increase in the cost of electricity for BC businesses and households.

The government is also deliberately overriding communities around the province to prevent them from having a voice in these developments.

Community groups are organizing to demand a stop these developments and transgressions. They are insisting that the ban on BC Hydro generating power be lifted and are calling for environmental and community reviews of the BC Energy Plan and the proposed projects.

Contact the following to learn more and to take action.

Save Our Rivers Society


Rivers for Generations

BC Citizens for Public Power

Private Power Developers and the BC Government’s Water License Giveaway

Flogging Our Water