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BC Water Up For Auction?

The year 2011 promises heartening initiatives that support the environment and our collective well-being. Simultaneously, startling exposures of the exploitive use of power and the suppressive use of force by high-ranking government and corporate decision-makers are increasingly frequent.

Water is a central theme in many of these developments. A recent report indicates that by 2030, 42% of all fresh water on this planet is predicted to be required by just four countries – China, India, Brazil and South Africa. What about the rest of the world?

Acute water shortages in North America

Regional water shortages in North America will become acute with the continued growth of urban centres, overtaxed aquifers, drought conditions, shrinking glaciers and over-allocated rivers. Another recent article listing the 10 largest U.S. cities most likely to face water shortage in the near future provides some sobering facts about how close some cities have already come to being unable to supply their citizens with water.

BC’s water resources – ours no longer?

The waterways of British Columbia are our pride and joy. They have also made our province abundantly self-sufficient in energy as well as water. The production of inexpensive energy from our enviable water resources has been an invaluable public asset, annually contributing vast sums of money into BC’s public coffers.

However, British Columbia’s resources are now a pawn in high-handed manoeuvres by powerful, vested interests.  Our public corporation, BC Hydro, is being disabled.

Why? So that control of our beloved resources can be transferred from the public domaine for the benefit of all to private control by a few.

How? By misinformation that we are not contesting- ridiculous mistruths that BC does not have enough energy to meet our needs. Our own water-related resources are being sold across the border and we will have to buy back that hydro power at a premium! The hikes in your hydro bill are just the beginning of ongoing increases that are slated.

Manipulation and exploitation of the public domaine can only continue if we remain ignorant and submissive. Eventually the cost to our quality of life will become so unbearable we will be stirred to action. Better to respond sooner than later. Follow the links to learn more: