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10,000 Voices for BC Rivers – Thursday, March 26th

On Thursday, March 26 join thousands of British Columbians in standing up for BC’s rivers. On that day, thousands of people from around the province will be contacting their MLA and the Premier calling for a moratorium on river privatization for private power projects.

The Wilderness Committee launched the 10,000 Voices for BC Rivers day of action to call for a moratorium on private river power projects until they are:
•    regionally planned
•    environmentally appropriate
•    acceptable to First Nations
•    publicly owned

The BC government’s 2002 energy plan prevents BC Hydro from developing new sources of power, stating that all new power must come from private companies. This has lead to a gold rush mentality, with private operators applying for licenses to almost 600 creeks and rivers throughout BC. Each power project that is developed would involve the construction of dams, river diversions, powerhouses and many kilometers of roads and transmission lines.

The BC government’s rush to develop private power without a comprehensive plan has resulted in a chaotic situation where cumulative environmental impacts are ignored, regional planning is non-existent, our energy security is jeopardized and local governments have been silenced.

As a result, thousands of people have taken action in defense of their rivers and streams throughout British Columbia.

Now it’s time for all of us to speak up together! On March 26th call Premier Gordon Campbell and your MLA.

Premier Gordon Campbell
250.387.1715 or 604.660.3202

Sign up for the 10,000 Voices for BC Rivers mailing list for a reminder leading up to March 26th to take action.

For 10,000 Voices flyers, an action kit for holding a small event, or more information email andrew@wildernesscommittee.org or call toll-free 1.800.661.9453.