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Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Ionized Water

Water ionizers transform ordinary drinking water into these health-enhancing properties…

1. Alkaline water
The typical western diet (especially eating meat), stress, environmental toxins, drugs, lack of sleep and exercise acidify the body. Acid wastes accumulate and overwhelm the blood, organs and tissues resulting in weight gain and toxicity. Studies show that an acidic environment within the body invites disease conditions while an alkaline environment inhibits them. Ingesting alkalizing foods and alkalized water helps correct acidification. Ionizers produce alkaline water. Adding fresh lemon juice, baking soda or alkalizing mineral drops to your water will also make ordinary water alkaline.

2. Micro-clustered water
As demonstrated so beautifully by Dr Emoto’s frozen water crystals, water in its original form is highly organized and hexagonal in structure. De-natured water, that has been piped, pressurized and treated with chemicals, loses its original vitality and this life-enhancing structure. Groups of water molecules bind together in larger clumps making water less able to hydrate and penetrate into living tissues. Ionized water ‘micro-clusters water into smaller molecular groups. This finer water penetrates and hydrates cells more deeply and is more effective at washing away cellular toxins.

3. Anti-oxidant water

This is a little complicated and the most important benefit of drinking ionized water. The anti-oxidant power of ionized water is the main reason for spending $2000 on an ionizer. So make sure you buy a machine that has the power to deliver anti-oxidant results given your local water supply. This is explained in more detail under ‘About ORP’.

Health Benefits Linked to the Use of Ionized Water

Cancer, diabetes, arthritis, tremors, asthma, hangovers, acid reflux, digestive problems, inflammatory conditions,
range of motion recovery, skin disorders, hypertension, weight loss, chronic pain, cholesterol, bowel problems,
allergies, fatigue, brain fog, lethargy, frequent colds, respiratory ailments and stiff joints are  some of the conditions for which significant health benefits have been reported from using ionized water. See clinical reports.

Easing into Ionized Water

Ionized water will hydrate your tissues more deeply than bottled, filtered or tap water. Consequently uncomfortable, detoxifying symptoms may occur for a few days when  you first start drinking this water. These temporary reactions may include headaches, nausea, flu-like symptoms, skin eruptions and loose elimination.

It is recommended that you start drinking ionized water at the Alkaline 1 setting. After two weeks (or longer) if comfortable, increase to level Alkaline 2 with a similar interval before increasing to level Alkaline 3. If discomfort occurs, go back to a lower alkaline level while maintaining or increasing the volume of ionized water consumed. This will flush out the cause (detoxification) of any temporary discomfort.

How Much Should You Drink?

To be properly hydrated you should consume ½ oz of water per pound of body weight per day. However, 1oz of ionized water per pound of body weight is the recommended daily dosage for optimizing the benefits of drinking ionized water.

Occasionally, test your urine first thing in the morning with pH test strips. Most bodies are overly acidic. Aim for a urine pH reading of 7.4.

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