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December 30th, 2015

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Chanson Water Ionizers – Our Top Choice

Chanson is a 30 year old company whose exclusive focus is production and innovation of water treatment products including alkaline water ionizers. Chanson manufactures its own water ionizers in-house using premium materials.

After testing numerous ionizer models and brands we have found Chanson ionizers to be the best performers with Metro Vancouver’s soft water conditions. They also produce outstanding results in hard water areas. Chanson incorporates newer technology, micro-adjustments and superior nano-coated plates. Moreover, Chanson machines are the smallest and best looking water ionizers to date. And best of all, they are less expensive than other brands. We also like the fact that Chanson is NOT a network marketing company.

Chanson Compared to Other Ionizer Brands

We have tested and compared Chanson ionizers to the Enagic SD-501 (Kangen™ water machine), Jupiter ionizers, Ionways and KYK ionizers. Chanson ionizers outperform them all and are less expensive, more compact, more attractive and have unique programming capabilities.

Chanson’s Countertop & Under Sink Installation Options

The Chanson Miracle counter top ionizer hooks up to your faucet with a diverter valve.
Alternatively, a streamlined connection can be made to your cold water supply line
using the innovative G2 faucet which requires a ½” hole through your countertop or sink flange.

The Chanson VS-70 under sink ionizer is designed for discreet under counter installation.
A sleek column with two faucets (alkaline and acid) and LCD control panel is all you see beside your sink. Requires a 1⅜” hole through your countertop or sink flange.

Features of Chanson Ionizers

About Filters

Chanson ionizers incorporate an innovative onboard filter that is made of activated carbon wet-molded with fibre. This special formulation has 20 times more volume, 150 times more area and 10 times more speed of absorption than regular activated carbon.  The filter is silver-impregnated to add anti-bacterial properties. Nevertheless, it is important to note that no single filter of the type used onboard ionizers (of any brand) can comprehensively address all water contaminant issues.

The Importance of Pre-filtration

Water ionizers are not water filters. We highly recommend filtering water before it enters any brand of water ionizer. Effective water filtration must be tailored to local water conditions. Although all ionizers have on-board water filters, these cartridges simply do not have the capacity to intercept the broad range of contaminants inherent in most water being supplied to homes today. Each water district or water source has distinct characteristics which may or may not include chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, industrial contaminants, arsenic, etc.

The micro-clustering properties of ionizers make pre-filtration all the more important. Ionized water penetrates deeply into the tissues and should be as contaminant-free as possible.

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