Microplastics from Laundry Water End Up in Waterways and the Ocean

December 20th, 2018

“Every time clothing is washed, tiny strands of fabric break off and go down the drain. Research has shown that microplastics in the ocean are being mistaken for food by ... More »

BC Rivers Day – Sunday, September 23

BC Rivers Day (Sunday, Sept 23) is Canada’s largest event dedicated to raising public appreciation of the irreplaceable importance of our rivers and the many benefits we derive from them, including increasingly scarce clean water and precious spawning grounds for wild salmon. BC Rivers Day also brings public awareness to the increasing threats to our spectacular waterways, the lifeblood of our land.

This annual event (initiated in 1980) has become an internationally recognized occasion. Hundreds of events will take place across the province this weekend to mark this celebration, including river festivals, cleanups, and river paddling in communities throughout the province.

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